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Wedding Reboot: How Weddings Are Changing In A Post-Pandemic World

Even if your wedding plans weren't completely canceled due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic you are most likely facing some challenges about moving forward with your big day and things may look different depending on where you are located, the rules are changing rapidly and there is new information being released daily.

One thing is for sure, the wedding industry is seeing big changes in the status quo. The only way we ensure that events will go on and people can continue to celebrate life's milestones like tying the knot is to take this time to innovate.

The big question mark?

No one knows when or if large weddings will ever return to the way they once were.

Weddings should be an exciting time for you and it's safe to say that thinking about the extra precautions and safety measures that could be in place has been officially killing our mood boards too. If you are like us, you are wondering when it will be safe to move forward and if cutting down guest lists or hosting virtual ceremonies will be the answer when our loved ones can't travel long distances safely.

With these big open-ended questions looming over our heads, it feels hard to think about the traditional details of wedding planning like choosing linens and floral arrangements.

Scaling Back

Some wedding venues are at risk of permanent closure and size restrictions on large gatherings are likely to remain in effect until 2021

The wedding industry was already starting to see a major growth spurt for non-traditional wedding options like micro-weddings, adventurous elopements, and elegant private ceremonies. With couples seeking obscure venues and idyllic locations to exchange their vows, customizing every aspect to personalize the experience.

These smaller celebration styles are now gaining mass appeal and more and more wedding professionals are developing the resources to better serve couples looking to scale back their wedding plans.

If you are now considering planning a micro-wedding or elopement style celebration, the good news is that you have many options available to you now as the industry adjusts to social distancing, and these requests become more common.

Seek guidance from your vendors as they will be able to walk you through your options thoroughly and provide insight on what works for your personal circumstances.

Stay up to date; check with your local county clerks office for information on marriage licenses and you can see which states are allowing virtual weddings here.

Once you have your guest list under control and are ready to move forward with the rest of the event planning, you may find that other areas of your event are being impacted too.



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