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What Your Wedding Website Needs To Help You and Your Guests

This is your complete guide to all your questions about wedding websites. If you're not sure what it is or why you need one, we'll tell you everything you need to know. It's an important resource that can help you and help your guests. This is not just a fancy invitation, it's a great wedding planning tool.

You may not know what a wedding website is, and that's ok! It's basically an online guide to everything you want to share about your wedding. It can help you manage important wedding planning tasks and keep all your wedding information one place.

The benefits of having a wedding website is you have a private place to direct your guests, where you can share personal details, provide the information your guests need, and track your RSVP's.

There are different types of sites and your guests will interact differently with each one. Determine what you want your guests to use your site for and that will help you figure out what information you need to include.

If you have lots of photos you want to share and guests that are far away, sharing your journey with them will help them feel connected to you and help them spark conversation at the wedding.

If you lots of information to share about venues and activities, gear your wedding website to being an all around guide for your guests. Give them helpful links and resources, make sure you include all the details about your wedding day.

Your website can do some of the work for you, set things up so your guests can RSVP and make their meal choices so you don't have to keep track of everything yourself. Guests will appreciate being able to do things like book their rooms right from your site, especially if you have a discount or room block set up.

You should include the basic information about your event, any information about the area if you're having a destination wedding, some background about the two of you, and a section for common questions.

You can get creative and add sections for photos, local activities that your guests may like or wedding related events like showers and rehearsal dinners. If your social and have a personalized hashtag you want to share, your website is a great place to share links to other places you want to send your guests online, like your wedding registry.

When looking for the best place to host your wedding site look at price comparisons and consider the features that you want to add. Easy to use sites will have lots of templates to choose from and popular features to add-on.

You can find examples on sites like Pinterest, but online forums can connect you with great examples, tips, and advice from your fellow brides. Ask questions about etiquette and look at others sites for even more inspiration.

It doesn't have to be really fancy or take you hours of graphic design to make sure your website is well organized and gets the right information across to your guests. Make sure you have fun and work together to create a site that works for you.

You can now go off and build an awesome wedding website. If you find you need some help reach out to us!



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