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5 Low (or NO) Cost Venue Ideas We Love

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

We are all about setting your wedding budget before your get started planning. With all of the costs associated, you will want to determine what you what to splurge on and where you need to cut back. If your budget is less that you expected or you need some extra dough for that gorgeous dress, we may have a few tips to help you save money on your venue rental.

1) National Parks & Forestland - You can decide on remote locations with picturesque private views or iconic places you have always dreamed of going. You may need to apply for a permit for having a wedding on national park land. You can find more information at (the official website of the National Park Service).

Look For:

  • Bridges and Tunnels

  • Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls

  • Large Natural Features (Large Rock Formations, Tall Trees, etc…)

  • Open Spaces & Expansive Views

2.) Private Rentals & All-Inclusive Resorts - If you are planning on a destination elopement you have probably already considered booking lodging for your getaway. This option covers your lodging and wedding location in one. We love private rentals for intimate elopements and resorts are perfect for small weddings parties that may need a few additional rooms and cozy on-site dining.

Think About:

  • Beachside or Lakefront

  • Cozy Cabins & Ski Lodges

  • City Penthouses (I.E Balconies, Rooftops, Room Service)

  • Charming B&B’s

3.) Backyard Party Style - Tap your resources and scope out which of your family and friends have awesome backyards! Backyard weddings can be so incredibly special for the micro-wedding trend. Keep things comfortable with seating and throw in some games for a relaxed after party that goes perfectly with barbecue or home cooked catering.

Bonus If There’s A:

  • Swimming Pool

  • Treehouse, Bench Swing, and Pier

  • Natural Water Feature

  • Family Member Who Can Cook ;)

4.) Fire Lookout Towers - These structures are built for their vantage points! Used for locating wildfires, these mountaintop structures offer incredible views in a wilderness environment. They are usually accessible by forest management road and are free for day visitors. We recommend this for adventurous couples eloping with a group of fewer than 5 people for the best experience.

Great For:

  • Elopements

  • Epic Views & Great Photos

  • Overnight Elopements (Camping Style)

  • Engagements

5.) Glamping Getaway - For a more adventurous getaway, luxury camping in the great outdoors can be an exciting twist for weddings of all sizes. Campgrounds offer a wide range of locations and activities, from hiking in the forest to kayaking on pristine lakes. Perfect for couples looking to spend romantic nights under the stars and have an eco-friendly wedding in a natural setting.

The Best Parts:

  • Campfires & S’mores

  • Stargazing

  • So Much Adventure

We love to hear stories of adventurous weddings! Share your ideas for interesting places to get married for a chance to be featured on out blog.


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