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Featured Vendor: Wedding Photographer Kevin Sawyer

One of the things we try to do differently at Always & Adventure Events is make it a personal experience and part of that is hand picking our vendors, just for you. We want to share with you one of the photographers we recommend to our clients.

Meet Kevin Sawyer


LOCATION: Based in Truckee, CA (Willing to Travel)

DESCRIPTION: ISPWP Award winning photographer Kevin Sawyer takes wedding photography and blends it with artistic composition and attention to detail. He makes sure to capture the special moments throughout the day, while applying creative techniques and a personal style that results in photos you will love and want to share.

WHY WE RECOMMEND: Our experience working with Kevin has been excellent. He is an all around team player and shows support for other wedding pros in the community. We are happy to call him a member of our adventure wedding team, meaning he is willing to do what it takes to get the shot; Even it means hiking in the snow.


Contact us to team up with Kevin Sawyer and Always & Adventure for your wedding, elopement or engagement. View this gallery to see our work together.



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