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Are You Adventure Wedding Ready? Find Out Now!

First things first, What is an adventure wedding?

Adventure weddings offer couples a chance to take elements of a traditional wedding and tie in elements of travel, nature, recreation and create a totally unique experience, for just the two of them or with all of their guests.

This wedding trend has been gaining momentum for outdoor lovers, travel enthusiasts, and adventure couples of all types. According to this article from the Outbound Collective, "Couples are tying the knot on top of a mountain summit after multiple days of biking and climbing or in an alpine meadow after a strenuous hike in." Even if that seems like more than you can handle, for couples looking at deciding between planning their annual adventure and taking a year off to plan their dream wedding, bringing the two together can be the perfect solution.

Think your ready to plan your adventure wedding? Here are four questions to help you decide.

When you think about your ideal wedding day, is it inside or outside?

Most of the adventure weddings and elopements we plan are outdoors, some are even in remote locations. The location and time of year are just some of the major things we consider when planning.

What does you guest list look like?

This type of wedding is a great idea for elopements and small groups. If you have a large guest list, lots of kiddos, or elderly VIP's on the invite list, you may need to consider some work arounds to pull everything off. A wedding planner can help you figure out logistics for site permits, transporting guests, and accessibility.

How do you want to celebrate?

So you have hiked in to the middle of a field to say your vows, now what? You are happy, hungry, and ready to start celebrating. If your eloping you may have a romantic dinner planned or a quiet evening together, if your guest list is on the bigger side you'll need to look at catering options and venue space.

What is the most important thing to you about your wedding day?

Most adventure weddings and elopements are planned around the experience instead of following the wedding traditions. Take some time to work with your partner to figure out what means the most to the both of you and eliminate the extras, find the heart of your story and focus on telling it.

It really comes down to creating an incredible moment, adventure weddings and epic elopements are just another option for couples who are starting their own adventure together. Your wedding is one of the only events that you will plan just to celebrate the two of you and your love story, this is a time to make it thoughtful, make it personal and truly make it yours.


Always & Adventure plans adventurous weddings and epic elopements for couples in Lake Tahoe and other destinations. We provide an all-inclusive service for wedding parties under 25 guests, to learn more visit our homepage.

Want to learn more about what you can do with a small guest list? Read our blog about Micro-Weddings next.



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