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What is a Micro-Wedding?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

If the cost of luxury venues and catering for 300 guests has you ready to run to the courthouse with your honeydew to say your I Do's, you may want to consider an elopementelopement or micro-wedding to keep costs down while still getting a dream-worthy wedding.

Micro-weddings allow you to plan the perfect wedding on a smaller scale, to save you time and money! The biggest factor in any wedding price tag is your number of guests, costs today range from $30 to $100 per person for catering. These intimate weddings keep guests list low!

We are talking 2 - 25 of the most important people. keep guests list low! We are talking 2 - 25 of the most important people.

Focus on the really important people. You and your soon-to-be spouse may be the only guests and that is great! (You may also need a witness) tart with your immediately family and closest friends, don't invite anyone you don't speak to on a regular basis or wouldn't want to spend time with on your special day. This includes co-workers and extended family, they may be extremely happy for you, but you can always promise to share pictures.

P.S. It is 100% ok to ask guests not to bring unknown plus-one's or children to your wedding in any case, but this is one you will need to be firm on if you want to keep your guests list under control. If you follow these simple guidelines, your wedding will be a truly special experience for those involved and for you.

Pick the perfect place for your celebration. This is a great area to get help from an experienced professional, if you are planning a destination wedding choose a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings or a local planner in the area to help scout locations. They can help you with land use permits, cost negotiations and making sure you have asked all the right questions!

You will be making some big decisions at this point about whether you are going to want to be dfYou also need to decide if you plan to have a small reception. Now that you have reduced your guest list you have flexibility of using smaller indoor spaces that cost much less to rent and decorate. Restaurants that take group reservations are perfect for small receptions and you can eliminate extra fees for costly rental items like tables and chairs.

Easy on the extras! (We know its hard)

Weddings are a lot like a pandora's box of all things pretty, and it can be hard to not want it all. Wedding planners are great at helping you stick to the budget and still get the look you want. The ultimate goal is to have a well put together look and stunning photos to share. Keep it simple, especially if you are in an outdoor location, let the scenery do the work for you. You'll want to spend some money on an interesting element too! Go big on one thing like a creative arbor or stand-out floral piece. Whatever you choose it should reflect your personality and style - Make it YOU!

Get an all-inclusive elopement package. Every wedding should be a special day and planning it out to perfection is hard work. Elopements may seem like the easy road but you will still ned a few basics (like an officiant and photographer) and you may want some extras too. A professional wedding planner can help make sure your day runs smoothly. An all-inclusive package for an elopement will make sure you cover all your basis, give you a firm budget work with, and ease the stress of planning.

Always & Adventure's All-Inclusive Package

  • Officiating Services with a Tailored Ceremony

  • 4 Hours of Photo Coverage

  • Complete Catalog of Digital Images 

  • Bouquet + Boutonniere

  • Location Scouting for Ceremony and Celebrations

  • Onsite Coordination of Ceremony & Decorating

  • Dessert & Champagne  

We will also recommend and assist with booking:

  • Vendors and Decor

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation

  • Activities and Ways to Celebrate!



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